Today, I'm going to review the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub because it really suitable to my skin yang banyak sangat whitehead di sekitar hidung. Before this I guna St Ives Apricot Scrub (will review soon) then I change to Green Tea pulak. Scrub ni sangat sesuai yang concern dengan white head.

Product name : St. Ives Green Tea
Size : 170g
Price : RM19.90
Availabilty : Guardian, Watsons, Tesco, Giant.

What it claims? 

Its suitable for blackhead-tackling green tea face scrub that unclogs pores dan calms redness for glowing, bump-free skin.

How to use?

Lepas korang cuci muka guna cleanser, lepas tu apply this scrub. Sapu je dekat muka. Boleh pakai around your nose dan face. I suka tenyeh di kawasan hidung sebab dah banyak sangat whitehead & blackhead yang menyemak di situ. Korang boleh je tenyeh di muka, no hal pun. Dah tenyeh scrub tu, tunggu a few minutes tapi jangan lama sangat. Then, bilaslah sampai bersih.

Korang akan rasa kulit lembut seperti punggung baby. Wuhuuuu!

Packaging ?

A normal squeezable plastic tube. Senang nak picit sampai habis scrub tu.

The Smell?

Green tea of course! I suka bau scrub ni. Its feel like matcha ice cream, rasa nak makan je.

Colour/consistency ?

Green with a very tiny beads.

How I feels : 

I really loved scrub from St. Ives and already used 3 of them. Its very cheaper about RM20 below. The smell erghhh is really good and i feel want to eat that. Biji-biji halus scrub ni langsung tak menyakitkan muka, tenyeh je. No need to worries. Lepas je scrub muka rasa ringan and hilang segala kotoran terutama blackhead tu. 

Recommended? :

Overall this is a very good product & very suitable with my skin. No wonder this is the best seller and star product. I rate this essence 5/5. 

(Disclaimer : This is not paid review. I bought with my own money. Tapi setiap kulit berbeza-beza. What works for me may be not work for you. This is just my personal experience. Try & error gurl)