Chromebook vs Laptop: Malaysian Edition

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Chromebook vs Laptop : Malaysian Edition


You've opted to buy a laptop or a Chromebook because you want a tiny and light PC. So, which system is the most suitable for you? Will the laptop's total adaptability provide it a competitve advantage? Is Chromebook's basic operating system and emphasis on cloud storage and services more suited to your requirements? Check out the article below to understand how to distinguish a chromebook vs laptop in Malaysia. 

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

Laptops and Chromebooks are both portable computers that may be used everywhere a computer is needed, such as at a desk, on the sofa or while travelling. However, there are some signifcant variances.

A PC operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 10, controls the laptop, which has a "desktop" area from which the user may run previously installed software programs. A spinning hard disk or a solid-state drive are used for internal storage. Additional built-in features include optical drives (DVD, CD, etc.), various ports for connecting external devices, and so on.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, are run on Google's Chrome operating system, which makes use of the Chrome browser as its primary user interface. Is mostly reliant on web-based services and cloud storage (internal storage is comparatively limited and always solid state). To keep the system size down, additional built-in hardware functionalities have been eliminated.

Some of the aforementioned points are not exclusive to one system or the other. Chromebooks have fewer external connectors than laptops, but they can use online storage and servise equally as well (typically). Chromebooks will always be distinguished by their use of the Chrome OS.

Similarities between Chromebook and Laptop

In a number of categories, Chromebooks and Laptops are approximately equal.

Battery Life

Laptops can run for longer periods of teh time due to their bigger batteries. Because of their purposefully simple operating system, Chromebooks get greater mileage out of their batteries.


Chromebooks are all made to be ultra-thin and light. Laptops come in a far larger variety of sizes and weights, although every manufacturer produces Chromebook-sized devices.


For military and industrial applications, laptops with strong frames and keyboards have long been popular. Chromebooks are catching up, and their fewer moving parts may give them an advantage in the long run.

It's worth noting that as Chrome OS grows, new, more PC-like features become accessible. SOme Chromebooks, for example, now provide an optional Windows-style desktop from which to begin your work. Similarly, PC operating systems are becoming more Chrome-like in certain aspects, with some now able to run mobile-style apps. 

Advantages of Chromebook


A Chromebook ($150-$300) will almost always be less expensive than a laptop (minimum $400) unless you get one with a lot of extras. Note that these figures are estimates, as each category has a board variety of price alternatives.

Boot Times

Chromebooks boot up faster than traditional PC systems because to solid-state drives and the Chrome OS, which is designated to active just a small set of functions when initially turned on, such as the Chrome browser. 


A Chromebook is a wonderful alternative for someone who has never used a PC or who gets irritated with a typical laptop OS because there is little to learn to get started, with most tasks being begun immediately from the Chrome browser.

Thin and Light

Chromebooks are often similar and lighter than regular laptops since they only use solid state storage and do not have large, hefty add-ons like DVD drives. But be sure you read the fine print. In terms of mobility, several contemporary laptops designs compare favorably to Chromebooks.

Unplugged Lifestyle

There's nothing like a Chromebook to encourage a user to embrace a more unplugged lifestyle, such as storing information in the cloud rather than on a hard drive, streaming music rather than downloading it, and maybe avoiding infections and other unpleasant features of using a traditional laptop OS.

Advantages of Laptop


A laptop with a complete PC operating system, optical drive, and may slots and ports will always be more versatile than a Chromebook, which has a restricted user interface, fewer connector types, and depends more on remote apps and services (which can also be reached from a laptop).

Advanced Software

Almost all software packages - pictures editors, spreadsheets, word processors, and games - can be operated on laptop, but several software companies have yet to create Chrome-compatible versions of their products.

Processor Speed

Laptops often have quicker clock rates than Chromebooks, as even the smallest versions have frame designs that can accommodate (and cool) the newest CPUs, more RAM, and other componentts. Chromebooks aren't sluggish by any strecth of the imagination. Laptops, on the other hand, can accomplish many things at once.

Business Use

Laptops, particularly those with multi-core, multi-thread CPUs and superior multi-tasking, are favored by most analysts for business. The usefulness of Chromebook for business grows for regular mobile users who place a premium on mobility, especially if it comes at a lesser cost.

Offline Time

Even when out of range of their home or workplace wireless, laptop users can stay quite productive, but the Chromebook's "connected-for-everything" approach may make it difficult to finish various activities when out of range.


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