Hari ni I nak share dengan korang semua tentang '10 TRAVEL QUOTES TO INSPIRE YOU TO SEE THE WORLD'. Since I heartbroken, I dah start travel alone. First trip, I pergi ke Langkawi dan I jadi more addicted pada travel. Kiranya, tiap-tiap I akan fikir, where should I travel after this. 

Yes, mulanya I akui, I takut tapi lama-lama I lebih berani nak travel. Untuk korang yang nak sangat travel tu, just go and do anything what you want to do. Mungkin 10 quotes ni akan inspire you.


1. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. - Unknown

2. To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about oter countries. - Aldous Huxley

3. If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. - James Michener

4. Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled. - Mohammed

5. Travel teaches toleration. - Benjamin Disraeli

6. Travel makes a wise man better and a fool worse. - Thomas Fuller

7. A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. - Tim Cahill

8. The more I traveled that more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends. - Shirley MacLaine

9. A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. - Lao Tzu

10. I have found out that there ain;t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. - Mark Twain