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7 Jun 2017

Worst Feeling In The World !


Salam ramadhan yang ke 12 dan kenapa gaji masih tak dapat lagi? Om bengang dari pagi tadi! Dah kenapa gaji tak reti nak dapat-dapat ni. Dah lah duit Om ni di hujung tanduk dan ini adalah Worst Feeling In The World!


Korang mesti pernah rasa 'worst feeling' kan? Gambar di bawah ni adalah salah satu worst feeling.
Setakat ni, semua Om dah rasa. heheheh. Korang macam mana?

3 ulasan:

  1. Setujuuu...mmg worst feeling ever.

    Ehemmm, napa blog comel sangat ni!

  2. Damn , this is so deep especially "getting ignored". There is one time ( that I totally remember ) the most awkward moment in my life which is on stage during game tournament and I want to asked this guy ( u know when we had loud speaker only our voice that they can hear ) .. I asked several time 4 time with diferent guy and they all ignored LIVE . Damn it the light on stage pulak tu TERANG

    And about Love (not so love sangat lah): Minor situations . I said Hi to my crush and then she totally ignored me plainfully . Well ... prolly this situation are pretty common to do --- Pretty girl .. Plain Boy .. Nothing happen .... xD --- Syamsid Blog ---

  3. everyone will feel it at least once in a while.


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